Layfield School of Motoring all about the Driving Test

Driving Test
The driving test consists of three parts,

The Theory Test

The Theory test is a multiple choice test that takes place at official theory test centres.  The nearest theory test centre is Middlesbrough.
You have a maximum of 57 minutes to answer 50 questions, you must get 43 questions correct in order to pass this section. 

The questions relate to the Highway Code, road safety matters and a real life scenario.  Remember though that you must also pass the Hazard Perception test at the same time and you will receive your results before you leave the theory test centre. 

The price for both the theory and hazard perception test is £31.

When you pass you will get a certificate which you must keep safe as you will need this certificate to take with you on your practical test. 

view the highway code View the HIghway code online
Middlesbrough theory test centre
Practice theory tests
Link to some helpful Driving Apps

The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers Interactive Download

Hazard Perception

The Hazard Perception test is taken at the same time as your theory test. This test involves watching a series of clips and identifying various hazards that may appear.  Hazards can be anything from pedestrians, cyclists, blind bends, broken down cars, farm vehicles and many many more. 
You will watch 14 clips and there is a maximum of 75 points available, you must score 44 points in order to pass.  The sooner the hazard is identified that more points you gain.  Why not start practising?.
It is important to know that you must pass this test at the same time as the theory test . 
For more information on the Hazard Perception test click here and here for a video about hazard perception tests.


Once you have passed your theory and hazard perception tests and have been advised that you are ready to take your practical test, this needs to be booked at either Northallerton or Middlesbrough Test Centre. 

Click here to book your practical test

The practical driving test consists of:

Show Me Tell Me:
This tests your knowledge of basic car maintenance and safety.  The examiner will ask you two questions.  One question will be a show me question and one will be a tell me question.  We will practice this during your driving lessons. We have two videos about the show me tell me part of the driving test on our videos page, click here to view.

The test will begin with an eyesight test, you must be able to read a number plate at a maximum of 20.5 metres away.  If you fail this you will not carry on with the practical test. 

You will drive for approximately 40 minutes and you will be asked to carry out 1 manoeuver . 
To pass your driving test you must have less than 15 minor errors without committing a serious or dangerous fault.  If you do make a dangerous or serious error this will be an automatic fail.